Business owners are often extremely busy and can find it hard to effectively juggle all of the responsibilities that they have. Time and time again, owners can have feelings of isolation from bearing the weight of leading their business. This can make it hard to identify, ideate, and tackle issues that their business faces.

Despite many owners knowing that working with a business coach can result in becoming better leaders, making better decisions, and delivering better results, there are still barriers preventing them from working with a coach.

One big misconception that prevents people from seeking coaching is that they assume the coach has to be nearby to be effective. Well, expecting a highly experienced coach to be just down the street isn’t very realistic, which is why working with a remote business coach can be advantageous.

Infographic describing The Advantages of Working With a Remote Business Coach

How Does Remote Business Coaching Work?

At their core, remote coaches are no different than “regular” coaches. All business coaches provide knowledge, support, and guidance to business owners and entrepreneurs. They help their clients identify their goals and create a plan of action to achieve them.

Remote coaching is conducted over the phone or online, typically via video conferencing platforms. Clients and coaches can interact directly, making it possible for the coach to provide feedback and guidance in real time despite being in different locations. Not all coaches are effective remote coaches. The best remote coaches have especially strong communication skills in addition to the other tricks of the trade.

Pros And Cons Of A Remote Business Coach

With the understanding that the end goals of remote coaching are the same as traditional coaching, it is still important to recognize that there are advantages and disadvantages of hiring a remote coach before deciding if you and your business are a good fit for remote coaching.

Advantages Of A Remote Business Coach

First and foremost, one of the most significant advantages of remote executive business coaches is their ability to administer services anywhere. Business owners who travel frequently or owners who don’t run a physical brick-and-mortar business find this perk especially beneficial. You can access your coach regardless of where you are or where you go.

On top of location, another big advantage offered is efficiency. An online coaching session is only a click away, cutting back on additional time spent commuting or preparing for in-person meetings. Experienced online business coaches are also highly effective at keeping each remote session moving efficiently, maximizing the effectiveness of the time spent on the call.

Disadvantages Of A Remote Business Coach

There is a trade-off between the flexibility and efficiency of remote coaching, which comes with the social impact of having people in a room face-to-face. While interacting in person, most individuals are more natural, honest, and attentive.

As anyone who has spent significant time on video calls can attest to, fatigue sets in quickly with screen time. Remote coaching can be especially disadvantageous in group settings as group members are more likely to tune out when it is “not their turn.”

Who Can Benefit From Remote Business Coaching

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of remote business and executive coaching, you may be wondering “What types of business owners can benefit from remote coaching?” Well, the short, easy answer would be everyone! Admittedly, there are some specific circumstances that would position certain owners, professionals, and industries to receive more of a benefit.

For example, if your business is made up of teams that are spread out geographically, your position involves extensive and frequent travel, or you have identified a coach that you trust but are separated from, then remote coaching can be a very successful solution. Still, even if none of the above describes your business and you are still faced with problems that you would like help finding solutions to, working with a remote coach is more useful than holding out and trying to do it all on your own.

How Do I Know If A Coach Is Right For Me?

For executive business coaching of any kind to work, remote or otherwise, you need to find a coach that is the right fit for you. (And vice versa!) You can look for certain indicators, like the coach’s background, emphasis, and past clients, to give you an idea if they are a good fit. However, the only way to be absolutely sure is to schedule a meeting and see for yourself!

If you are ready to level up your business and tackle the problems you face with the help of a remote business coach with years of experience in leadership roles, coaching entrepreneurs, and facilitating remote sessions, then schedule a quick breakthrough meeting with me today!

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