Executive Business Coaching Programs

The coaching programs you see below may fit precisely what you’re looking for based on circumstance, need, and stage of business. If you have something specific in mind that is not represented in one of the listed programs, ask, and we will create a custom program.

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All-Hands Performance Growth Program

Our most intensive and feature-rich coaching program, designed for high-performing entrepreneurs, focuses on significant performance improvements in their organizations. Your Coach will demand the highest performance levels from you and your team. This is the right program if you’re expanding operations, launching new products, transitioning leadership, or moving towards franchising.

Holistic Leveling-Up Program

This program is designed for growing organizations determined to accelerate their performance to maximize the owner’s growth, profitability, and lifestyle. Do you need to significantly increase revenues, develop a fantastic team, and improve your lifestyle in the next few years? Then this is the perfect program to empower you to get the results you deserve.

Corporate Leader / Solopreneur Program

Perhaps you have established your business as a successful entrepreneur, or you are a corporate leader taking an entrepreneurial mindset to the business you are accountable for running. If either of those are true, this program will give you support, strategic planning, and leadership awareness to grow your success, build on the foundation you’ve created, and realize your potential

Seasoned Entrepreneur Maintenance Program

This program is for seasoned entrepreneurs who have completed 2 to 3 years of coaching and need a maintenance program for ongoing board-level advisory services. This program may be appropriate for a start-up business with less than three team members wanting to do things right the first time by developing the marketing, sales, team, and systems necessary to support growth.

Build-a-Foundation Program

The perfect program for a young organization with a small team and some operating systems but has some real work ahead to reach the business’s true potential. You’re no longer flying solo, and the time has come to grow your skills as a business owner, marketer, and operations leader in your business. This coaching program can make that happen quickly.

Build Your Own Program

Some teams are larger, have a unique need, or on a very specific journey requiring e a bit of customization. If you see elements of the other programs that you would like to mix-and-match, augment, or delete, let’s discuss your needs and design a program. After all, this is your business and you need to get what you came for.


Executive Business Coaching Program Details

As a participant in the Coaching Program, you will receive access to the following services based on your selected Program:

Coaching Sessions

You will have a 2-to-8-hour Strategic Planning Session with your Coach in the first month of the Coaching Program to identify your personal and business vision and goals. A Strategic Plan will be developed to identify the activities required of you and your team to achieve your goals. Your Strategic Plan will be updated each quarter.

Team Day (if applicable)

For businesses with at least five full-time team members, a Team Day will be conducted in the second or third month of the program. The purpose of the Team Day is to unify your team behind your Strategic Plan and begin implementing the Coaching Program in a team environment for maximum results.

Learning Materials, Templates, and Systems

Your Coach will supply you with access to hundreds of proprietary templates and systems on an as-needed basis to enable you to complete your weekly goals. These include business and strategic plans, marketing and advertising templates, sales scripts, operations manuals, financial management tools, etc.

Critique Services

Your Coach will critique your work on goals and assignments between weekly coaching appointments. You may submit your work for critique through the coaching portal, and the comments may be delivered via the portal or during your next coaching session. This may include reviewing documents (brochures, communications, etc.) used in your business.

Consultations (Suppliers, Customers, Professional Service Providers)

Your Coach will conduct up to four complimentary consultations per year with your key suppliers, customers, or professional advisors to solicit and understand their viewpoints and coordinate your coaching program with their efforts.

Resources and Services

Your Coach will use the Talent Dynamics Profile Test to uncover your native genius and that of your leadership team. Additionally, your Coach will debrief the group on the individual and collective genius of the team. As part of your talent recruiting process, your Coach will profile and meet with 4-10 recruits per year, depending on your Program.

Leadership & Foundation Program

Many individuals feel isolated, feeling the weight of the many decisions that come from leading and holding responsibility for many aspects of an organization. Having a Coach whose purpose is to support, guide, advise, and provide resources that give you the space to reach your potential as a leader in business may be just what you’re looking for in an advocate. Keep reading if you’d like to know more about what a Coaching Program can mean for your future. 

Performance, Growth, & Leveling Up

Making the Cut™ is a flexible, customizable framework that we use to unlock the leadership genius of every team member to build independent, accountable teams that share your core values to drive toward accomplishing the mission, vision, and purpose behind your organization. In a time-tested process of refining the team’s ability to Delegate, Communicate, Motivate, Recruit, Collaborate and Develop – you will see the power of rowing in the same direction.

The Breakthrough Strategy Session

This complimentary consultation led by your Coach is a complete experience to demonstrate what Leader’s Cut can deliver with our offerings.

  • You will be profiled using Talent Dynamics – to be debriefed in session, assuring unique insight.
  • After scheduling time, you will be presented with a full tour of the coaching portal, giving tone and texture to how we would work together.
  • As we become familiar with one another in session, we will also quantify Mindset & Momentum for your business and/or career.

    Strategic Planning Sessions

    You will have a 2-to-8 hour Strategic Planning Session with your Coach in the first month of the Executive Coaching Program to identify your personal and business vision and goals. A Strategic Plan will be developed to identify the activities required of you and your team to achieve your goals. Your Strategic Plan will be updated each quarter.

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