Breakthrough Strategy Session

The Breakthrough Strategy Session

This complimentary consultation led by your Coach is a complete experience. You (and your leadership team, if applicable) learn what Leader’s Cut can deliver with our offerings: individual coaching, organizational effectiveness with the Making the Cut™ system of operating, and LinkedIn strategies that further business & career initiatives.

  • You will be profiled using Talent Dynamics – to be debriefed in session, assuring unique insight.
  • After scheduling time, you will be presented with a full tour of the coaching portal, giving tone and texture to how we would work together.
  • As we become familiar with one another in session, we will also quantify Mindset & Momentum for your business and/or career.


What’s the Catch?

The most common question I am asked is: aside from regular meetings, what else is there to coaching? The answer: playing in the ‘game’ itself. As in athletics, while practice is crucial to mastery, putting what we’ve been talking about into action is what wins the match.  

For you to make a clear choice of Coach and Offering, we created the Breakthrough Strategy Session to experience the full spectrum of coaching:

  • 90-minutes with you and your coach
  • Talent Dynamics Profile Test
  • A full tour of the coaching portal and full access to every dimension – just as a client has.
  • The Mindset & Momentum Plan – a framework to turn your brilliant vision into profitable action.


Making The Cut™ Automates with

A Platform that helps teams build great companies using Making the Cut™ Operating System.

Ninety is the central hub for remote, hybrid, and in-person teams that want to thrive. Work smarter and more effectively - together. Click below for your free trial.

mountain mojo group involved in group business coaching activity from leaders cut

Your Initial Investment is Time and Information

When you click the button to schedule your Breakthrough Strategy Session, here is the sequence of events:

  • Schedule your 90-minute session providing your name, email, and phone number
  • Receive a welcome email with instructions
  • Receive an email to take Talent Dynamics Profile Test.
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