Talent Dynamics

What is Talent Dynamics?

Talent Dynamics is the world’s leading intrapersonal profiling tool to grow trust and flow. Taking the test not only reveals which of the eight talent profiles is your natural path, but also which profiles are dynamic for creating your most successful leadership team.

Ken Kilday provides leadership coaching services across the Southwest, including in Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Henderson & Boulder City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Verde Valley to name a few.


The personalized report provides clear indication of one’s natural strengths and direction on what path to follow in business as well as insights translatable to life at home:

  • Find your flow and reclaim your time by doing what you do best, when you do it best.
  • Clarify your natural path, follow the right role models, and know when to say “no”.
  • Understand your customers, team members and your family to build world class teams that work in flow.
  • Distinguish when your winning formula has become or is becoming a losing formula through the cycle of time.

How can I get my personal profile?

The Breakthrough Strategy Session

 A complimentary consultation led by your Coach, this is a complete coaching experience. You (and your leadership team, if applicable) learn what Leader’s Cut can deliver with our offerings: individual coaching, team (organizational) effectiveness, and LinkedIn strategies that further business & career initiatives.

  • You will be profiled using Talent Dynamics – to be debriefed in session, assuring unique insight.
  • After scheduling time, you will be presented with a full tour of the coaching portal, giving tone and texture to how we would work together.
  • As we become familiar with one another in session, we will also quantify Mindset & Momentum for your business and/or career.

Which of  the eight profiles are you?


Are you a Creator like Richard Branson? Naturally creative and leaving the details to others? Creators are the best initiators, and although they can be quick to create chaos, they can also be surprisingly innovative at finding ways out of chaos. Always put them in charge of new projects, but move them on to the next creation once their job is done.



Are you a Trader like George Soros? Profiting from a great sense of timing? Traders are your best negotiators. They will always get you the best price, in both what you buy and what you sell. They need direction and want to be given parameters in which to work. Traders will have their ear to the ground in your market and your team.



Are you a Star like Oprah Winfrey? Growing a brand to shine brightly on others? Stars are the best promoters and need to lead from the front. Give them the chance to shine, give them the space to deliver results without tying them down, and give them the systems and support to enable them to focus on building new business.



Are you an Accumulator like Warren Buffett? With slow and steady winning the race? Accumulators are your best ambassadors. They are reliable, get things done on time, and are not prone to making rash decisions. Accumulators make the best project managers when a specific task needs to be delivered reliably.



Are you a Supporter like Meg Whitman? Leading from the front where people come first? Supporters are the best leaders. They need help to build a plan and set goals but then should be given the freedom to lead the team. Let them develop their own leadership style.



Are you a Lord like Angela Merkel? Where it’s all about attention to detail? Lords are your best analysts. Give them the space to study the details and to deliver the data. Don’t ask them to go out and network as they are strongest when focused behind the scenes.


Deal Maker

Are you a Deal Maker like Rupert Murdoch? Where it’s all about the negotiation? Deal Makers are the best peacemakers and will leave everyone feeling good. No cold calling for them; personalizing the client experience is where they will thrive. Work with Deal Makers to nurture these relationships.



Are you a Mechanic like Mark Zuckerberg? Perfecting the system for others to use? Mechanics are your best completers. They will wrap up the process and find smart ways to do it better next time. Don’t ask a mechanic to start from scratch, but do give them an existing process or product to improve.


Why it works

Created by Roger James Hamilton, there are similar elements within Talent Dynamics and popular psychometric tests but it is different in that it provides an intuitive structure, practical strategies, modern role models, and a link back to the roots of profiling 5,000 years ago.

The Breakthrough Strategy Session:

Your Initial Investment is Time and Information

When you click the button to schedule your Breakthrough Strategy Session, here is the sequence of events:

  • Schedule your 90-minute session providing your name, email, and phone number
  • Receive a welcome email with instructions
  • Receive an email to take Talent Dynamics Profile Test.
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