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Make better business decisions that move the needle.

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Reduce day-to-day team friction by strengthening trust, communication, and performance.

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Develop a network that facilitates growth through presence and credibility.

Do You Know What Your Business Is Worth?

Learn how to understand what a business estimate represents, how they’re calculated and when they should be used.

The Ken Kilday Business Coaching Experience

Business & Executive Team Effectiveness Coach

Move Beyond the Plateau

Are you Getting What You Deserve out of Your Business?

Don’t get stuck on the hamster wheel dealing with the same frustrations, challenges, and friction month in and month out. You have invested too much in your business and team not to experience the success you’ve earned.

Be Empowered

No more second guessing or being thrown off by the unexpected– be confident in the plan and start moving forward

Support Growth

Don’t be the isolated leader trying to figure it out on your own. Instead build a support system that alleviates daily pressure and encourages collaboration to achieve growth.

Make the Cut

Articulate your secret sauce, unravel what’s not working, and implement solutions that increase productivity and allow your business to grow sustainably.

Past and Current Clients

What’s it like to work with Ken?

See below how The Ken Kilday Coaching Experience has helped professionals and their leadership teams discover the path to their full potential, and more importantly, how to make it work for them.

How to Get Unstuck

1. Breakthrough Strategy Session

Schedule your Breakthrough Strategy Session and experience how Leader’s Cut can help you reach new heights with your team and in your business.

2. Develop Your Mindset & Momentum Plan

With our coaching framework, Making the Cut™ , commit to your unique coaching journey and have the sounding board you need to overcome daily challenges while being more effective as a leader.

3. Move beyond the current plateau

With all six keys of your business working together and communicating effectively, you will be celebrating record quarters as your business moves beyond the current plateau.

The Ken Kilday Coaching Experience

The Ken Kilday Coaching Experience is an interactive process of self-discovery, objective perspective, and advocacy that, when done well, helps improve self-awareness, realizes untapped potential, and fosters the safe/vulnerable/innovative environment enjoyed by the most successful teams.

Making the Cut™

Discover 6 keys to unlocking your leadership genius to create independent, accountable teams.

Executive Business Coaching

Objective counsel in the pursuit of professional (& personal) discovery, clarity, and action.

It’s Business, Not Social™

Build a consistent LinkedIn strategy and implementation plan that gets results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Company Need Business Coaching?

Business coaching is a process in which an experienced advisor assists a businessperson in achieving their job objectives. If you’re wondering what your company can gain from coaching services, take a moment to consider if your business can benefit from the following.

A business coach assists their client in:

  • expanding leadership abilities;
  • developing business strategy; and
  • improving mindset and company culture.

The specific service provided often depends on what the individual who hires the coach expects from the partnership. Above all, business coaching is about the development of your company and its stakeholders.

Business coaching services aren’t quite the same as training provided by managers.

Professional coaches work with business owners, leadership teams, or groups of workers to help them identify their strengths and limitations, define their objectives and purpose, and gain insight into how their beliefs and motives influence their behavior.

Coaches can assist employees in better understanding how their company defines success and what their position requires of them.

“I bring simplicity, clarity, and direction to business leaders.” – Ken Kilday

What is the Role of a Business Consultant?

While a consultant examines company data and comes to a conclusion about what needs to be done next, a coach works to facilitate and foster the individual’s growth.

In most cases, the involvement of a consultant on a team is temporary and focused on a particular endeavor.

A coach, on the other hand, typically spends a greater amount of time working with a client, whether they are an individual or a group.

Similarities consultants and coaches share:

  1. Coaches and consultants are both independent, third-party advisors that operate outside of the company.
  2. Both contribute a wealth of information and experience in a wide range of fields.
  3. Both assist companies in achieving objectives and making improvements to their overall operations.

In contrast to consultants, who often do activities and make choices on behalf of the group, coaches train the individual they are working with to eventually strive on their own.

To summarize, consulting is “done for you,” whereas coaching is “done with you.”

What Are Executive Coaching Services?

Because it requires a personal and trusting connection between the coach and the person being coached, executive coaching is one of the most customized methods for developing talent and driving success.

When an executive coach sits down one-on-one with senior managers or leaders within an organization, often a director, vice president, president, or member of the C-suite, they create an atmosphere that is secure, well-structured, and trustworthy so that they can offer support to the individual in question.

An executive coach assists the leader in understanding their present skills, gaining insight into how they are regarded by others, and concentrating on creating and clarifying current objectives; in addition to the right action steps to achieve those goals.

In summary, an executive coach understands a leader’s strengths and weaknesses through regular virtual coaching sessions via phone, video, web platform, or in-person, which then informs the development of innovative, personalized solutions for long-term sustainability.

How Do Guest Speakers & Keynote Speakers Differ?

Wondering what a keynote speaker does or offers in comparison to a guest speaker? You may be surprised to learn… quite a few things.

A keynote speaker’s job is to give the conference or event its key note and is in charge of setting the overall tone. The keynote speaker is the featured speaker, the one who energizes an audience and provides a captivating speech on a client’s behalf.

Keynote speakers are knowledgeable and experienced in the topics they discuss. Often they convey information differently, changing attendees’ perspectives.

In contrast, the goal of guest speakers is to go into more depth and elaborate on the overall theme and core topics at subsequent sessions. A guest speaker, similarly to the keynote, can take on a variety of roles, including energizing an audience, engaging with them, and providing different viewpoints.

What Does a Corporate Executive Coach Bring to the Table?

Executive business coaches are highly-experienced professionals who are qualified to work with and train executives to help them become more self-aware, better understand their roles, achieve personal and professional goals, unveil their hidden potential, and improve upon their abilities to make better decisions that deliver better results.

Here’s what a coach for corporate executives offers:

  1. Leverage of existing strengths and awareness of blind spots.
  2. Self-awareness to see oneself more clearly.
  3. Emotional intelligence for self regulation as well as the ability to see others clearly.
  4. New methods to interact and respond to others.
  5. Motivation to reach self-achievement and personal goals.
  6. Aptitude for building stronger, more productive relationships.

Click here to learn more about the services provided by executive coaches.

Do I Need CEO Coaching to Help My Business Thrive?

The CEO has the most impact to influence the company’s performance as well as the lives and careers of its stakeholders.

A CEO coach’s role is comparable to an executive or leadership coaching position, with the additional task of working with the person leading the entire organization.

There is no limit to how good or effective a company’s CEO can become, considering there is constantly something new to learn and improved ways to operate.

Here’s how CEO coaches help companies grow:

  • A coach analyzes a business’ strengths and shortcomings as well as the path toward accomplishing specific objectives and makes recommendations to the CEO.
  • CEO coaches assist in finding the root issue and understanding why the subject or other leadership members behave in a certain manner. The CEO examines these situations with the help of a coach and together develops a plan to permanently resolve the issue.
  • CEOs can establish better overall communication skills with coaching. CEOs tend to communicate a lot of information with several teams. Communication that is effective, timely, and well received is key to reaching company goals.
  • When CEOs begin seeing the outcomes from coaching sessions, motivation quickly rises. Savvy CEOs use newfound inspiration to put their best foot forward in accomplishing the objectives at hand.
  • CEO coaching also helps with overcoming difficulties previously experienced and developing new solutions that provide the anticipated results.

If these services sound like something your company could benefit from, then it’s time to set an appointment to begin interviewing to find the right coach for you.

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