Team Effectiveness Coaching

What you get

In addition to the preparation and processes of Personal Executive Coaching, I will meet with each team member to assess their perceptions regarding your leadership i.e., directs, peers, etc. This consists of two elements: First we will develop a slate of questions for each team member to establish a benchmark. Second, each reporting team member will take the Talent Dynamics assessment.

  • The team will receive a group debriefing of Talent Dynamics.
  • The team leader will review a composite of their teams’ Talent Dynamics to illustrate composite strength in each dimension.
  • In addition to the cadence of a regular weekly meeting with the team leader, a bi-monthly call is hosted for the team to receive feedback, discuss their perception of changes, and engage in Q&A.

    What I give

    We begin our first session together exploring your Talent Dynamics report, what it means for you, and what direction it provides to capitalize on your natural talents (that also bring you joy and success). Your team’s collective genius (the composite graph) will play a significant role in our work to elevate your leadership and your entire team along with it.

    Our bi-monthly coaching session will consist of working through your customized action plan envisioning a pathway for your business (and personal) development.

    You will receive the Talent/Wealth Dynamics report, my weekly report of our session insights, and other customized items as your action plan suggests or as you request.

    Your team members are invited to a bi-monthly group call generating additional analysis.


    The Breakthrough Strategy Session

    A complimentary consultation led by your Coach, is a complete experience to demonstrate what Leader’s Cut can deliver with our offerings.

    • You will be profiled using Talent Dynamics – to be debriefed in session, assuring unique insight.
    • After scheduling time, you will be presented with a full tour of the coaching portal, giving tone and texture to how we would work together.
    • As we become familiar with one another in session, we will also quantify Mindset & Momentum for your business and/or career.
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