Executive Business Coaching

What you get

As part of the discovery process, we will discuss your personal vision of leadership and your self-identified focus items. Additionally, you will take the Talent Dynamics assessment, which we will use to uncover your personal ‘flow-state’, relate it to your relationship with team members (in each reporting direction) and sync the information with any previous assessments (i.e. DiSC, Strengths Finder, EQ-i, etc.).

Three dimensions of focus:
  • Build a vision around your self-identified leadership brand that inspires you, reflects your strengths, and connects more effectively to your team by following the New-Tough Leader philosophy. This will include the Talent Dynamics profile and debrief during the initial stage of our engagement.
  • Create an action plan with metrics you choose supported by communication, technology, conversation, and observation.
  • Implement actions, assess success, and adjust for Vision and Culture fit as you continue to customize and grow into a new habit pattern with repeatable / predictable outcomes independent of changing business cycles.

What I give

We begin our first session together debriefing your Talent Dynamics report, what it means for you, and what direction it provides to capitalize on your natural talents (that also bring you joy and success).

Our weekly coaching session will consist of working through your customized action plan reflecting a pathway for your business (and personal) development.

You will receive the Talent/Wealth Dynamics report, my weekly report of our session including insights, and other items as your action plan requires or as you request.

Your Investment of Time

Included is the Talent Dynamics report, a weekly hour coaching session, unlimited check-ins (10 min call / text / email) as a customized experience designed to move you and your business forward.

Time: 6 hours/month (coaching + action items)

Packages are month-to-month, six-months, and one year.