The Benefits of a Business Coach with a Financial Background

When business leaders consider hiring a coach, they are likely feeling some combination of frustration and stagnation wrapped in the optimism that convinced them to start a business in the first place. That may initially seem like an odd combination, yet consider that most entrepreneurial-minded people have great ideas, a killer work ethic, and the determination to succeed.

And then, one day, their winning formula isn’t producing the expected results, which is when frustration sets in. Initially, they may even decide that MORE of the same will yield a better outcome – insert the definition of insanity here.

Finally, they step back, assess, and realize they could use a fresh pair of eyes to bring clarity, simplicity, and direction to their effort because, as a coach, that’s what I deliver as we unpack the friction in the categories of time, team, and money.

Education & Certifications

As with many industries, there are various certifications that a coach may have. Like successful entrepreneurs are a combination of formal education, work experience, and life lessons that, with a growth mindset, create wisdom they bring to you, your business, and your team. Think of a favorite dessert – for me, that’s tiramisu, available in many restaurants and a variety of bake shops and grocery stores. And while the ingredients are essentially the same, the unique proportions and added “secret ingredients” can make one dessert stand above the rest – at least to your palette. The coaches you are considering have some combination of certifications and education that come together to form a unique approach that will resonate with you when you’ve found The One. Ken Kilday’s Education Background and Certifications:

Work Experience

When asked about years of experience, I often quote a clever quip from an old friend, discerning the difference between knowledge and wisdom: “knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, and wisdom knows not to put it in a fruit salad.” Our history can be a road map for lessons hard won through successes and failures or a cautionary tale of risks never taken, and skills never honed.

My gratitude for my history is that I was fortunate to work in the grocery industry while finishing my undergraduate degree, including a world-class mentor. That formative experience helped me appreciate operational excellence, the power of a strong culture, and the challenge of a competitive industry. Building on that foundation, I changed careers to build on my strategic planning skillset in financial services, from an entry-level advisor to an executive leader.

For my current clients, my work experience tells the story (and shows the scars) of leading comprehensively to balance the demands of people, time, and money. No business will not encounter at least one, if not all, of those challenges at some point in the lifespan of the company. Ken Kilday’s Work Experience:

Why Choose A Business Coach With A Financial Background?

It is the most natural evolution of business that anyone can imagine. At a certain point, the innovation and drive that produced a fantastic launch and early track record will require review, revision, and adjustment to perpetuate that success. An executive coach and business strategist may be the strategic partner that can help you unlock the next chapter of your business success. Consider the following criteria when choosing a coach in your best interests.

First, make sure you have chemistry, can communicate effectively, and have discernible mutual trust. Next, look at the coaches’ formal education/certifications to see if they align with the coaching engagement you are considering. Finally, take a look at experience and background to examine a track record demonstrating results while indicating the growth mindset necessary for enduring business success.

By setting a time to meet Ken, you will know if you share chemistry for collaborating to systematize the native genius you bring to your business in conjunction with his ability to get his financial background to unleash business success.

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Ken is a former executive leader and current Executive Business Coach. He uses the diversity and depth of his leadership experience to help CEOs, Business Owners, and Executives become better leaders, make better decisions, and deliver better results, both personally and professionally.

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