Do you have a grip on your business or does it feel like it is barely scraping by, sometimes spiraling out of your control? You had a vision for the future of your business when you first started it and perhaps for a while, things went smoothly.  Then with growth came problems as you added employees and your business expanded. Growth is a good thing, and it can also be challenging if your business lacks organization, accountability, good communication, and structure. If you and your employees cannot handle the growth as it happens, that is a recipe for disaster. You are the business owner. You should feel in control of your business, not that your business controls your entire life. If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, lacking control and confidence in your employees, falling short of your revenue goals, feeling like you have hit your business’s ceiling, spending every waking moment either working in your business or worrying about it when you are not there, then you need to GET A GRIP on your business. Have you heard of The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®)? Have you considered hiring an executive business coach? Here I will explain to you how EOS ® and executive business coaching go hand in hand and how as a business owner implementing EOS® with a business coach can help you get a grip on your business. 




The Role of an EOS Implementer® and Executive Business Coach

As a business owner, you have heard the sayings, “work on your business, not in your business” and “work smarter, not harder.”  This is where an EOS Implementer® and executive business coach come together to help you help yourself. The role of an EOS Implementer® is not to come into your business, examine it, and then present you and your executive leadership team with a report listing ways to solve your problems. The EOS Implementer® helps each business owner and executive leadership team see their business in a different way by facilitating discussion among the executive leadership team that helps them discover the answers themselves. To really effectuate change, the executive team has to do the work to grow and develop. The EOS Implementer® is a guide who supports the process and ensures the team stays on track.

A frequent question that comes up is: Should I self-implement EOS®? All the entrepreneurial operating system® tools are out there. You can self-study and attempt self-implementation but an executive business coach trained as an EOS implementer® will help you work smarter and not harderHiring a trained expert in executive coaching will save you time and money. You should be focusing on running your business instead of inefficiently using your time and pouring significant effort into becoming your own EOS implementer®. There is a reason the Entrepreneurial Operating System® trains and employs EOS implementers® – they provide your best return on investment. 

How Executive Business Coaching and the EOS System Work Together to Benefit Your Business

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is one of the most effective small business coaching programs in existence. EOS® helps on both an individual and company-wide level. Here are the benefits you can expect as a result of working with an executive business coach who is also an EOS Implementer®:

  1. Vision: Getting everyone who works in your business on the same page. When everyone understands the vision of your business, each individual team member will see how the actions they take every day help that vision become a reality.
  2. Traction®: By creating focus, discipline, and accountability for every employee throughout your business, everyone will start executing the business vision every day. 
  3. Health: Having an accurate and consistent measurement of the cohesiveness of your leadership team. Getting your leadership team healthy is the first priority because that sets the tone for the rest of your business and brings everyone else into the business vision.

One of the main EOS® benefits is creating a vision for your entire company.  As the business owner, you have to define the vision of your business first before you will be able to get your entire leadership team on the same page. This is step #1 and it’s where business coaching within the framework of the EOS® operating system really helps business owners. Business coaching helps business owners to define the vision for their business and how it fits with their personal goals. Working with a business coach will bring clarity to where you and your business currently are and where you want to go. Then, you will be able to craft a plan of how to get there.  Within the EOS® framework, to define your vision you must answer the following eight questions:

  1. What are your core values?
  2. What is your core focus
  3. What is your one year plan?
  4. What is your 3-year picture?
  5. What is your 10-year target?
  6. What is your marketing focus?
  7. What are your quarterly rocks?
  8. What are your issues?

Many business owners need help differentiating between their company core values and core focus. The core values are the core principles of your business. They guide your employees and influence the culture of your company. Whereas your company’s core focus is your mission, the one thing you want to accomplish as a business. Breaking down your business’s short and long-term goals over several year intervals helps you and your leadership team understand how you are going to grow and then also how to measure whether you are achieving that growth at those certain intervals. You also may be so focused on the day to day operations of your business that you forget to market your company.  Establishing a clear marketing focus will help you figure out your brand identity and your unique selling proposition so you can advertise yourself to your potential customers successfully. Additionally, a business coach and EOS implementer® will help you establish quarterly rocks for you and your leadership team. These are both individual and company tasks (or projects) that will help your team members become better employees and also improve the business. Last but not least, you must list and confront your issues head-on – acting like you don’t have them will only make it more difficult to solve the issues in the long-run.


EOS Implementers® have been helping owners get a grip on their businesses for over 16 years. The number of businesses operating on EOS® continues to grow every year. Currently, there are more than 80,000 companies using EOS® tools to increase revenue, growth, and profit, while achieving a better work-life balance for business owners and their leadership team. The EOS® system has a proven track record of success, so the only question remaining is who is the right EOS Implementer® for your business? There are currently more than 389 Professional EOS Implementers®. Finding the EOS Implementer® and business coach who is the right fit for your unique business is all about trust and who you feel comfortable having tough, open, and honest conversations with. 

Ken Kilday, CEO/founder of Leader’s Cut: The Ken Kilday Coaching Experience, is an Executive Business Coach and EOS Implementer®. He works with leaders in companies of all sizes to implement actions, evaluate success, and adjust to new, improved habits and actions to produce repeatable and predictable outcomes independent of changing business cycles. Ken is an entrepreneur who has designed, built, launched, and rejuvenated successful businesses. Contact Ken to schedule a 15-minute Meet & Greet and discover how coaching can best serve you and your business.

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