The Entrepreneurial Operating System®

What is an EOS Implementer®?

Ken combines a passion for coaching CEOs, Business Owners, and Executive Leaders, as well as their leadership teams, to facilitate, navigate, and digest all Six Key Components of their business by:

  • Teaching every tool in the EOS Toolbox™
  • Facilitating clarity, discipline, and accountability
  • Coaching EOS® consistency, priority, and high-standards to create a superior leadership team


The Six Key Components of Any Business

Vision. Creating clarity with all in the organization so they understand where you’re headed and the plan to get there. It’s about commitment and clarity, not agreement.

People. Treating your most precious resource as such by finding, keeping, and growing the best. That means people that fit your culture, understand the purpose and importance of their contribution, and have the passion to perform.

Data. Clear, concise, straight-forward metrics that give you numbers to illustrate the accurate story of your business.

Issues. Getting to the heart of what dogs your business. The real cause, not the myriad symptoms that distract from the root cause. Identify and permanently solve them.

Process. This is the secret sauce in your company: “systemizing” your business by memorializing processes that make your company what it is. 

Traction®. Using structure to organize and execute priorities to better serve more clients and customers with distinction through accountability.

How healthy is your team?

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The EOS Toolbox™

The best leadership teams know that performance is the result of moving at the speed of trust with a simple, straightforward framework that everyone can use.

Structure adds accountability and removes the time wasted with ego and politics.

Using the EOS Toolbox with discipline and consistency to address and strengthen all Six Key Components™  results in simplifying, thereby improving productivity throughout your organization.

These tools are time-tested because they work! 

Growth need not be Complex

Many successful leaders  follow their gut and shoot from the hip, yet also feel frustrated. Here is the first step in getting unstuck. 

The 90 Minute Meeting. A complimentary introduction of EOS® to you and your leadership team to learn what is involved, whether you intend to self-implement or not, and the powerful impact of running your company EOS® strong.

Focus Day™. We meet for a full day to decide who is responsible for what, what you’re trying to accomplish, get great at communication, and set top priorities. We also solve issues – permanently, and track critical numbers. Afterward, the team spends 30 days using what they’ve learned to experience the difference.

Vision Building™ Day 1. We gather for another full day to review Focus Day tools to ensure maximization. We then begin to use the Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO™) to answer eight questions uncovering the who, what, when, where, and why of your organization. As before, the team spends 30 days applying these tools to experience further improvement. 

Vision Building™ Day 2. During our second full day dedicated to Vision Building, we validate our mastery of Focus Day™ tools, round out our responses in the V/TO™ tool, and prioritize Rocks for the next 90 days. Now that your leadership team is all on the same page, we will focus on execution for the next 90 days using the tools we’ve been practicing. 

Quarterly Pulsing™. Meetings that matter must commit to a full day with your leadership team every 90 days to assess, validate, and decide on priorities for the next quarter. This includes resolving the issues that stand in the way of your success. Sticking to this discipline results in real progress, success, and … Traction®.

Annual Planning. Stepping away to think about and work *on* rather than *in* the business, this two-day event with your leadership team sets up the quarter and the year for a healthy, successful outcome.

The Result

A healthy, focused leadership team and organization that makes continual progress towards achieving everything in their vision.

Your Initial Investment of Time: The 90 Minute Meeting

A complimentary consultation led by your EOS Implementer®, the 90 Minute Meeting helps you and your leadership team learn what is involved, whether you intend to self-implement or not, and the powerful impact of  running your company EOS® strong.