Even in the era of a global pandemic, the motivational speaker’s business is seeing interest in their services – whether via video presentation or in a modified space. 

Many companies are getting their team together and want to make sure that they are united in the effort to move forward in the next month, quarter, and year. Even a global pandemic does not change the forward-looking nature of setting an agenda,  inspiring a team, and demonstrating appreciation for both past and future efforts. In fact, many are realizing that unifying in an effort by all rowing in the same direction, could mean the difference between success and failure.

What is a Keynote Speaker? 

While many organizations choose a speaker from among their leadership ranks, many more hire a professional keynote speaker to convey vision, reinforce messages, and add inspiration to the delivery. Though many leaders are adept at communication, many more can be perceived by the corporate audience much as Charlie Brown’s teacher – a compilation of jargon and zombie speak that is easily ignored. A motivational keynote speaker is keenly tuned to their audience, holds their attention, innovates to reach them effectively, and has the added benefit of third-party credibility by virtue of both their biography and their delivery. Choosing a keynote speaker reinforces the values, goals, and vision while also conveying appreciation for all that the team does to deliver results. 

What Makes a Great Keynote Speaker?

A great keynote speaker takes your company message and adds their own truth, pragmatism, and humor as ways to anchor, internalize, and inspire so that any member of the team could then turn around and deliver it accurately and in their own words. It’s important to choose a corporate speaker that matches your values, understands your audience, and has an appreciation for your business. You also want them to have the reputation of being forthright, honest, and direct. The best leadership motivational speakers demonstrate through reputation the ability to cut through the ‘fluff’ and connect with their audience. They are tuned in with the leadership team in order to deliver the right message at the right time. You will know their delivery resonates when the call-to-action is answered by your team in full-throated, unequivocal support.

How to Find the Best Speaker for Your Event

To find a keynote speaker, be clear about what you would like to accomplish by asking yourself the following questions regarding your innovative speaker:

1) Are we introducing new messages or reinforcing messages?

2) What action would I like the team to take after hearing from a business keynote speaker?

3) What does our corporate speaker need to know, understand, and believe about our business?

4) Who is the audience(s) for this message?

5) If there are multiple audiences, how would I like the message to land for each?

Questions? Schedule a Consultation About Keynote Speaking Today!

If you are looking for keynote speakers for the first time, it may be helpful to check with your network – especially those who have been responsible for putting together large-scale, successful, employee events. Ask them who has resonated with the audience, who has delivered a solid message, and who has called the team to action resulting in results.

Set aside some time to watch a video of the potential business keynote speaker and take note of your initial reaction. Then decide if you’d like to meet briefly or schedule a full strategy session to talk through your expectations, explore what you could accomplish, and decide who is the right person to be your motivational keynote speaker. 


If a global pandemic has taught us anything it is that we have to be more innovative than ever to keep our team united, make the most of every resource, and be full-steam-ahead going into 2021. Putting together an event – whether in-person or digitally – a professional speaker can pull together key messages, deliver with enthusiasm, and add critical credibility to your plans.

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