Running a business can often feel lonely: like a solitary pursuit. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and in fact it shouldn’t. As with most areas in life, you can have an experienced mentor that you can rely on to help make important business decisions and grow your company. Most business owners are looking for relevant advice on how to grow their business but have limited resources.

While there are plenty of online articles, do it yourself books, and strategies you can attempt to implement on your own, the reality is that each business is unique and generic advice pales in comparison to personalized guidance through business coaching. Have you considered hiring an executive business coach?

Executive coaching is designed to help business owners receive personalized guidance they need to answer difficult questions and ultimately make their business organization a success. If you are wondering how to best prepare for executive business coaching, here are my three pieces of advice!

Why Executive Business Coaching?

Business coaching starts by realizing you want help and a mentor for your business.

Whether you are a small local business or a worldwide company, the benefits of hiring a business coach cannot be overstated. Business coaching services consist of a business coach who is an experienced entrepreneur and business owner currently or previously. They chose to take their talents for growing a business and achieving their goals, to then help other businesses do the same. 

Think about the example of learning to play an instrument. You can buy the instrument yourself, the sheet music, and try to set aside time to make yourself practice. But hiring an experienced and accomplished teacher will help you make progress by decreasing your learning curve and holding you accountable. 

It’s the same thing with an athlete who wants to improve their skills. Hiring an experienced coach will help them make progress athletically and safely much more quickly then if they do it on their own. Hiring an executive business coach is like having a highly experienced partner on your team who serves as a mentor and a trainer – training you in the skills you need to be a successful leader while also serving as a source of information and a sounding board for your big questions.

Topics For Consideration During your Executive Business Coaching

Running a business can feel like you are fumbling around in the dark trying to find your way. A business coach is like a flashlight, illuminating the path and helping you find answers to achieve what you desire. 

While leadership coaching is designed to help struggling businesses, it is also designed to help new businesses start from the ground up, help successful businesses who have plateaued to reach the next level, and help highly successful businesses incorporate a better work-life balance for all employees. 

No matter where your business is currently, there is always room for improvement. During professional coaching, there is a good deal of overlap in topics covered regardless of whether you are a small business just starting, a struggling business, or a highly successful international corporation. 

While the topics covered may be similar, the individualized attention and advice differs from business to business because each is unique and therefore what is prioritized and when will vary from company to company.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Executive Coaching

In order to get the most out of your executive coaching services, you need to come ready to share everything with your business coach. 

A certified leadership coach will start by learning everything they can about you and your business. This includes your unique value proposition in your market, who your target customers are, what your current challenges are, and what your short and long term goals are.

A business coach can also help you identify these things by bringing awareness to identify and articulate them. Once your vision and goals are in place, your business coach will help you devise strategies and action plans to challenge you and your business to meet your goals and help you overcome obstacles that come up along the way. 


Here are some statistics for you as to why you should consider CEO coaching for you and your business. A recent study found that 40% of Fortune 500 companies use a business coach to train and develop their executives. 

Another study found that businesses who hired a business coach saw an average return on their investment 5.7 times the amount they paid for those business coaching services. 53% of business owners and executives report that working with a business coach increased their productivity and 61% report it improved their life satisfaction.

So the question is, what are you waiting for? Invest in your business by hiring a business coach! At Leader’s Cut we have experience working with businesses of all sizes – whether they are a new startup or an existing large corporation, we can help you achieve your short and long term business goals. Contact us today and let’s get to work on your business!


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