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It’s Business, Not Social™

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Why the It’s Business, Not Social™ Methodology?

Your marketing, sales, and recruiting initiatives need a consistent LinkedIn strategy and implementation plan. Our It’s Business, Not Social™ method gets you there faster and more effectively.

The It’s Business, Not Social™ method is built on the following principles:

  • Your personal brand is critical and needs to inform, educate, and create approachability and credibility
  • Your network needs to be strategic, based on your desired outcomes, and continually nurtured and expanded 
  • How you engage online needs to further demonstrate your expertise and genuine interest in others


How Can I Improve My Presence on LinkedIn to Advance my Business and Career?

Today’s professionals are mobile, socially connected 24/7/365, quick to look for social proof, and overwhelmed by rapid changes in technology, business, and the world. They include your various audiences — influencers, champions, strategic partners, brand ambassadors, and customers

Everything begins with a Strategy addressing:

  • Your Profile – authentically transparent 
  • Your Company Page – informatively magnetic
  • Your Content – relevantly impactful
  • Maximization of LinkedIn Premium Products


It’s Business, Not Social™ Provided Services

It's Business, Not Social - Certification

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We begin by articulating your strategy – consistent with your personal & company brand, so that when you are seen, you are seen the way you intend. Your strategy is blended with practical solutions and tangible takeaways so that there is consistency across your organization reflecting your core values.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

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We guide you to an authentic and transparent profile that is a narrative in first person painting a vivid picture of your talent told through the voice of your genius.

LinkedIn Coaching & Training

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We have created a curriculum of courses, resources, group training, and individual coaching that can help grow confidence in your ability to thrive in the LinkedIn ecosystem.

LinkedIn Management & Support

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Advocacy. Promotion. Connection. Presence. Beyond the efforts you or your organization make to draw clients to your ‘store’ – whether online, in-person, or both – the LinkedIn ecosystem requires specific strategy and execution. We can help.

Recruiting with LinkedIn

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Talent recruitment and retention is top-of-mind for most business owners and leaders. In the past, they may have kept an ear-to-the-ground for internal talent ripe for development or local talent to be wooed. LinkedIn offers a rich environment for superior recruits that may be unknown to you. We can help you find your next superstar.

Speaking Engagements

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Do you have a peer group, leadership team, or small business that would like to hear all that LinkedIn has to offer? Let us craft a presentation with live demo so that you can experience the power of professional coaching in straight forward language.

Elevate Your LinkedIn Presence

Unsure how to start? Invest 15-minutes in a Zoom Meet & Greet for us to connect. Clicking the button below offers an optional video demonstration and a calendar to schedule. 

If you know you are ready to explore, are willing to provide some information, and want to see a full coaching experience to evaluate what we have to offer, the Breakthrough Strategy Session is for you!

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