Quick Launch 2022

Quick Launch 2022

 Get out of the gate using your full potential with this offer that is designed to unlock your leadership genius while providing maximum flexibility.

  • You will be profiled using Talent Dynamics – to be debriefed in our initial session, assuring unique insight along with initial building blocks to create momentum and an articulate mindset.
  • After scheduling time, you will be presented with a full tour of the coaching portal, giving tone and texture to how we will work together.
  • Use 4 additional coaching sessions at a time and place that will make the most of your 2022 planning season. 


Only $1,797 (save 25%)

  • Talent Dynamics Profile (value: $97) 
  • Debrief Talent Dynamics report and cover Mindset & Momentum (value: $577)
  • Four (4) Coaching sessions with flexible scheduling (value: $1,699)
  • Get a jumpstart on 2022 (value: priceless)


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