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Although it might not be the first association people make about you, equine veterinary practices are entrepreneurs, small businesses, and passionate business owners. As a business owner, you know that running a successful business takes hard work, dedication, and an aspiration for what you do. Whether you’re a DVM specializing in equine medicine or a small equine veterinary practice owner, you’re committed to providing the best possible care for your patients.

After working with an equine vet in my coaching practice, I’ve learned of the unique business challenges you must navigate within the equine veterinary industry. 

Let me help you overcome the stress of on-call work, little money, and hiring the right people so you can focus on what matters most: living your dream.

Overcome the recurring frustrations of running your equine practice.

Instead, focus on what you love most about being an equine DVM.

Hire Better

Are you struggling to find, hire, and retain qualified equine veterinarians? You’re not alone! According to the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), approximately 1.3% of new veterinary graduates enter equine practice directly each year. Of this small percentage, an estimated 50% of all these veterinarians leave for small animal practice or quit veterinary medicine altogether within five years, which leaves a little talent pool to choose from. Let’s successfully navigate through the shortage of qualified equine veterinarians and work together to achieve your goals.

Avoid Burnout

Directly related to staff shortages is the increasing burnout rate amongst equine DVMs. The professional demands of consistently being on-call while balancing the challenges of a comparatively low salary contribute to the feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion. With the help of improved processes and effective communication, circumvent losing your passion and regain your energy.

Be Profitable

Are you feeling the financial strain of rising medication costs? Stop losing money with an effective, efficient, and timely process for collecting accounts receivables and start turning a profit.

Meet Ken (and Colby)!

30+ Years of Experience

Certified Financial Planner™

Flexible Coaching to Meet Your Needs

You might wonder how a business coach can help with your equine practice concerns. Also, who is Colby? Let me introduce ourselves:

I am Ken, owner of Leader’s Cut: The Ken Kilday Coaching  Experience, and passionate about helping other business owners get what they want out of their businesses. As a former Fortune 500 executive leader, I have extensive experience working with other entrepreneurial business owners to develop high-performing and balanced teams that deliver consistent results in an atmosphere of trust and growth. Simply put, I’m excited to help people realize their potential and attain their personal and professional goals.

Colby is 3/4 Thoroughbred and 1/4 Quarter Horse, what his trainer once described as “whoa, not go.” During Colby’s first vet exam with his current people (my neighbors), they learned he has stage 1 degenerative joint disease in one of his fetlocks. It’s managed with Adequan injections and Cosequin smart paks. Where am I going with this, you ask? Colby gets his life-changing medications from his trusted veterinarian. As a Certified Financial Planner™, I realize that managing the cost of medication you then sell is an essential element of your successful equine practice and can offer strategic advice to maintain the bottom line.

Through getting to know Colby and his need for medical attention, I understand that equine vets like you have little time and are constantly on the go. Committing to business coaching may seem impossible, so I offer in-person and/or online coaching to accommodate your busy schedule!

Fun Fact: Colby does the “karate kid kick pose” if I give him a peppermint!

Past and Current Clients

What’s it like to work with Ken?

See below how The Ken Kilday Coaching Experience has helped professionals and their leadership teams discover the path to their full potential and, more importantly, how to make it work for them.

How to Gain Clarity & Reduce Stress

1. Breakthrough Strategy Session

Schedule your Breakthrough Strategy Session and experience how Leader’s Cut can help you reach new heights with your team and in your business.

2. Develop Your Mindset & Momentum Plan

With our coaching framework, Making the Cut™ , commit to your unique coaching journey and have the sounding board you need to overcome daily challenges while being more effective as a leader.

3. Move beyond the current plateau

With all six keys of your business working together and communicating effectively, you will be celebrating record quarters as your business moves beyond the current plateau.

Business Coaching That Helps Your Equine Practice Thrive

Just like no two horses are alike in temperament, no two business owners have the same circumstances and need the exact same support. That is why, here at Leader’s Cut, we tailor our coaching offers to your specific needs. The coaching programs listed below may fit exactly what you’re looking for based on the stage of your practice. If you’re unsure of what exactly you need, let’s chat (no strings attached)!

All-Hands Performance Growth

If it’s time to take your equine practice to the next level or make some critical changes, look no further. This is the right program if you’re expanding operations, launching new services, or transitioning major responsibilities.

Holistic Leveling-Up

Looking to significantly increase revenue, develop a fantastic team or improve your lifestyle in the next few years? Then this is the perfect program for growth.

The Seasoned Entrepreneur

Have you completed 2-3 years of coaching already and want to maintain your expertise? This may be appropriate if you’re starting with less than three team members, but still need guidance on how best to handle marketing, sales, etc.


Want to become a better leader for your business? With our guidance, we’ll increase the skills that are critical to success as well as help build a solid foundation with growth potential – one where flying solo is no longer an option! 

The Solopreneur

The fastest way to grow your business is a program that gives entrepreneurs the skills and support they need to help their businesses find success, all while building on what you have already accomplished.

Build Your Own

Are you at a point where you have identified a unique that – when addressed – will greatly improve your equine pratice? Let’s talk about your goals so I can help you get there!

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