Vistage Groups

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Program Chief Executive Program Small Business Program Key Executive Program Trusted Advisor Program Vistage Inside Program
Membership Description President / CEO / Owner / Executive President / CEO / Owner / Executive Vice Presidents, Directors, CFOs, COOs, etc. Professional service provider with executive clientele Company senior management team
Number of Employees 25+ 5-25 Not a factor Not a factor 100+
Annual Revenue >$5mm $1-5mm Not a factor Not a factor $50+mm
Meeting Frequency Monthly full-day meetings Two half-day meetings and one full-day meeting per quarter Monthly full-day meetings Monthly full-day meetings Variable
One-to-One Frequency Monthly (up to two hours) Monthly (up to two hours) Optional for purchase Optional for purchase Variable
Speacker Frequency Up to 8 per year Up to 4 per year Up to 8 per year N/A Variable
Group Size 8-18 8-18 8-20 8-20 Variable

Chief Executive Program

A forum of seasoned CEOs, presidents, business owners and executive leaders with $2-$100 million in annual revenue. For leaders within a larger organization, this means direct P&L responsibility.

Small Business Program

Designed for CEOs, presidents, business owners and executive leaders with $1-$5 million in annual revenue. The focus is to help them with strategic decisions, identify their blind spots and push their business forward.

Key Executive Program

A forum for C-level executives, VPs and Directors from a variety of companies to come together and become better leaders. Key members are typically sponsored by a Chief Executive or Small Business member to hone their leadership skills and improve alignment on strategy throughout the organization.

Trusted Advisor Program

Designed for top leaders in professional services (e.g., lawyers, bankers, executive recruiters, etcl). This forum gives members the training to fine-tune their leadership strengths, discuss their unique professional challenges and make new contacts to grow their business.

Vistage Inside Program

Rather than bringing together peers from non-competing industries, as with most Vistage groups, the Vistage Inside program focuses on the senior leadership team within a single company. It is a talent development approach that fully engages a team, equips them with the skills and sensibilities to manage collaboratively, and helps them achieve higher levels of performance.

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