What is Vistage?

We work with high-performing CEOs, Business Owners, and Executive Leaders that join Vistage because they want to connect with other CEOs to help them become better leaders and accelerate their company’s growth with less risk.

As a leader, you regularly make significant strategic decisions – often with little or biased input from others. Imagine if you could bring those decisions to a group of other CEOs in a confidential, non-competitive environment to get their perspectives and counsel to make the very best decision possible. That’s what happens in our peer advisory groups.

We also know the power of outside perspectives and we bring world-class speakers and proprietary research to your meetings to help you bring new and innovative ideas into your business.

Lastly, your group is led by a senior business leader, a person we call a Chair, who acts as a personal mentor and coach to you. They will meet with you monthly in a one-to-one setting helping guide you to the best decisions possible.

The outcome: better leaders, making better decisions and delivering better results.

Vistage Values

Trust• Caring • Challenge • Growth 



Establish openness and vulnerability by being dependable, listening without judgment while staying fully present. Honor confidentiality and give honest feedback.


Demonstrate empathy, follow up between meetings and be available.


Ask insightful and tough questions. Create safety and discomfort while challenging the status quo. Hold one another accountable to achieving goals. Seek new ways to grow and develop.


Imagine new ideas. Set strategy, goals, and action steps. Remove barriers. Foster learning and development.

Most CEOs have been highly successful, and that’s why they’re CEOs. We’ve found most face unique challenges – they feel stuck in the weeds, isolated, or even unsure. We help solve those problems so that they can confidently make better decisions that deliver positive results both personally and professionally.

Want to find out if Vistage is right for you?

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Experience Vistage

The next Vistage Event with Ken Kilday will be a virtual event, scheduled for:

Tuesday, June 16, 2020  |  7am-10am, via Zoom. 

My Vistage Peer Advisory Group is a place for non-competing CEOs, Business Owners, and Executive Leaders to come together in a confidential environment to tackle the biggest challenges with unbiased counsel from others that have walked a mile (or two) in similar shoes. Add world-class speakers and private one-to-one coaching, along with a world-wide community of other leaders and you understand the power of Ken’s Vistage Group in Northern Arizona.

  • One seat per industry (non-compete)
  • If in a partnership, only one partner per group (non-conflict)